Now with no interest financing up to $55,000

Home Theater Gear by Yamaha, Klipsch and JBL. 4K LED HDR TV's by Panasonic, Sony, Samsung & Sharp. With the 11 channel THXII certified Yamaha Aventage RX-A3080BL and Klipsch Dolby Atmos speaker package you will wait for the movies to come out on BluRay DVD so that you can watch at home just because it sounds so much better! We also offer CinemaTech (click the link to see examples) custom theater interiors and seating.

Whole House Sound using AMX, Crestron and Control4 multi-source, multi-zone amplifiers for incredible versatility at affordable pricing. Different sounds in every room!

Apple TV, Fire TV, Netflix, Kaleidescape, Vudu, DirecTV and Dish Network are crystal clear high definition programming alternatives. Check out our whole house 4K HDMI video distribution that enables you to watch the movies and sources that you enjoy on every display device in your home either separately or simultaneously easily controlled using a Control4 home automation system. We also do Security Cameras (click the link to see examples) .

Smart Home Living: Control4 Home Automation

Control4, Intellix, and Crestron video distribution centers provide crystal clear 4K HD images to as many as 32 TV locations throughout your home from net streaming, cable, satellite or BluRay! CAT6 lines provide gigabit high speed internet access to every room. We can also install a high throughput wireless LAN in your home. Give us a call.

Panasonic IP based phone systems provide intercom and telecom with caller ID on every phone! Control4 and NuTone intercom systems deliver music and high quality intercom capabilities.

Strategically placed high definition IP video cameras display their image on touch panels or on every TV in the house to provide visual confirmation of "who's there?" You can check them from a remote computer or even from your cell phone.

LED 4K Display devices are the hottest innovation in visual imagery in years. Current model displays devices are as thin as .6". Thin enough to hang on the wall like a picture. These devices come in a variety of diagonal picture sizes from 22" to 150". All displays are not created equal. Find out why you need a 240Hz LCD for your Man Cave even though it's not the least expensive device. Find out why some warehouse clubs have really low prices but not really good values. Give us a call today to get the latest information on High Definition Display technology.

Home Automation: Complete lighting automation. Lights come on in groups from a button press or on a predefined schedule. Water heats up just before bath time and the air goes off when you leave for the office, locks lock when you activate the alarm! Smart Home solutions in technology save you money and improves the quality of your life! We are experts in control - give us a call with your challenge!