There is a lot more to engineering, buying, installing and learning to use an audio or video system designed to enhance your ability to communicate with the congregation. Since 1966 Quality Sound & Video has been working with hundreds of church clients to achieve these goals:

  • Clear, distortion free sound at every seat in the church
  • Freedom from annoying acoustical feedback
  • Computer modeling of church acoustics to predict performance
  • Integration of multimedia presentation technologies to enhance your ability to communicate His word.
  • Education of key operators
Check out our listing of the seven most common errors made when attempting to buy a sound system. Call some or all of our references. Visit our educational site. Subscribe to our newsletter "Church Sound". Then, when you are ready to proceed give us a call at Quality Sound & Video. We are ready to help you!

Using a wide format Dalite screen and multiple laser projectors we can create a large image at a fraction of the cost of the same size LED video wall.